4*2 styles of thinking

No explanations here…

arun simon
Jul 1, 2021

I am mentioning them without explanations. There is a link which speaks about all those styles, which may not be always needed…

  1. Forest Consciouness & Garden Consciousness (If you want to know more, you can read Veronica Olariu)
  2. Mystery & Certainty (The above article speaks of it too).
  3. Takers & Leavers
  4. Binary & Fuzzy Logic

Each group has two styles of thinking. There are hugely different, but I won’t call them oppposites and separate them. Technological revolution has encouraged one of them; we shouldn’t throw them out; but developing the other sensibility — mostly the ones related to forest consciousness, mystery, leavers and fuzzy logic can be a relevant tool to deal with the problems related to ecology, inequality, migration etc.




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