Unseen ones

Many people have a complicated relationship with the miracles in the Bible. When a section of believers admire and adore them, another group is confused. There might be all other sort of sentiments, and I don’t want to contest any of those sentiments here. The Sunday gospel reading (20 June, 2021) had one of the most fantastic miracle story in the Bible, which is the calming of the sea.

With the coming of evening that same day, he said to them, ‘Let us cross over to the other side.’ And leaving the crowd behind they took him, just as he…

A key for interpreting Bible

Laws are an interesting component in the Bible. We can remember God giving commandments to Noah, Moses (10 commandments) and so on. Interestingly Jesus comes across as a complicated figure in terms of certain laws. We see Jesus breaking certain rules of laws; others say he is going beyond the laws of Sabbath. Another aspect regarding laws is that all laws can’t be put at the same basket. Some are more foundational than others.

Paul Beauchamp, a French Jesuit exegete, speaks of “deux commencements” (two beginnings) in the Bible. Reading anything from him is extremely powerful, though he is not…

Reading along with a Jewish scholar.

God asking Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac is a foundational incident in the Jewish and Christian traditions. And this incident is primarily responsible for the title of Abraham as the father in faith. Thank God, Isaac is not sacrificed. But many a times, we appreciate Abraham for his willingness to sacrifice his son. But an interesting question, that can be asked is, will God ask someone to sacrifice their son to prove their faith? These are questions that can be raised, and one of the answers is that, it was a test.

David Meyer (a Jewish scholar and exegete)…

An interesting proposal

When you hear the word vulnerability, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? Whether you consider the vulnerability as something positive, negative or neutral. We use the terms like children as vulnerable, or consider certain adults as vulnerable adults. Much of the literature , especially in philosophy, personality development uses vulnerability in a slightly different way. That is also the way I use here.

Brené Brown has a very powerful ted talk titled “The power of vulnerability”. I don’t want to speak about it, may be you can watch it for yourselves and it’s definitley worth…

An invitation of the feast

The Catholic Church celeberates the feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus today. It is a reminder of all the attributes of the heart of Jesus, and the first word connected to that heart is mercy. Jesus would say, be compassionate (merciful) as your father is compassionate. And the most common prayer is, “Sacred heart of Jesus, have mercy on me (or us)”.

I am just thinking, whether our devotions end in this prayer or start in this prayer. I think, it can be the starting point, which leads to another prayer, “Sacred heart of Jesus, make my heart like yours”…

Blessed are the peacemakers

One of the most interesting beatitude for me is, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God”. Why “establishing peace” is such a difficult thing? Or a better question is, “is it possible to establish peace?” I remember attending a course on Raimundo Panikkar. Johnson Puthenpurackal, based on Panikkar gives .

1) Peace is participation in the harmony of the rhythm of being.

2) There is a non-dualistic relationship between outer peace and inner peace. It is difficult to live without outer peace; it is impossible to live without inner peace.

3) Peace…

If father and the elder son comes together in one authority, then what??

I like to continue my encounters with the parable of prodigal son (or prodigal father). Now interestingly this younger son decides to come back to the father. We don’t have any proof to claim that he came with a sense of full repentance. (What is this full repentance is a good question). But one thing is sure that he never expected to be restored back to his sonship. Because of hunger, he came back to his father’s house to be treated as one of his servants. Now imagine the scene if the elder brother was at home, when he arrived…

Is it part of Christian vocabulary?

As part my course in theology, one of the compulsory courses is the course on moral theology. And my professor was generous enough to have one full session (2 hours) on the importance of conscience, and formation of conscience.

If you are a person with a Christian religious background (I don’t have any expertise to speak about other backgrounds), you can just check how many times you have heard this interesting word in connection to our morals or choosing between right/wrong etc. You would surely have heard words like sin, charity, doing good, Laws, commandments, mortal sin, venial sin etc…

The eldest son of the Parable of Prodigal son

I have already written an article, based on a book titled written by Christoph Wrembek SJ. I will continue the reflections on the of the gospel of Luke here. Christoph slightly changed the order of parables to drive home the message.

What is interesting in the changed order? Son, who is a human being, knowing that he is lost could come back. Sheep, being lost in some rocky areas, can cry and the shepherd can go and save the lost sheep. Coin, doesn’t even know that it is lost; but the woman goes in search…

Yes, this Easter is really different

One more Easter Sunday is gone. What is the speciality of Easter? One of the immediate responses will be that the Christianity owes its origin to the resurrection of Jesus. Others would add that it is the most important feast of Christians. All are true and good arguments. But what more? If I ask the people around me (without the distinction of religion), “Which is the greatest feast of Christians?”, the immediate answer is Christmas. There are many Christians who attends Church once or twice a year (no value-judgements on them), and what is the occasion for visiting the Church…

A Jesuit interested to think and write; Loves philosophy, spirituality, politics…. Believes in God & well-being of all humans… Open to difference & newness..

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