Active Listening

Not just to God in our hearts, but God working through all people

arun simon
3 min readDec 3, 2021


5 images

5 images points to the mission of the church in the 21st century. When climate change and refugee crisis (with the bigger question of social justice) are fought beyond the boundaries of the religion, the inter-religious dialogue goes beyond the confines of a single religion. Ecumenism and Synodality are mostly within the confines of Christianity, though exterior inspirations for the progress in both areas are very much a possibility.

Is there something common to all the five images??

I don’t think there is one response. May be, I reformulate my question…

Is there an attitude that promotes movement (in some sense…. a progress) in all these five directions?

Again the response can be varied; one thing I am sure is that the response is “not just about doing”. Yes, we have to work for justice and to create conditions for dialogue. May be, our style of doing/working can and must change. A wise woman or man said, “think before doing/acting/speaking”. I am not doubting that wisdom, but the thinking process shouldn’t be be limited to the powerful. It should accomodate all stakeholders. This process involves listening actively to the others, especially the ones who are different, less privileged etc. And again, at an advanced level of the process, we might be able to take the decisions collectively.

Active listening is one of most wonderful tools of experiencing the Holy Spirit working in innumerable different ways (and styles) in different people.

NB: Active listening is also a term applied in business circles today. I am not against it, as long as it is not limited to customizing my activities (based on my customer) to increase my profit.



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