The beautiful quotes on the top illustrates the beauty of the science. Science is not just about predictions and fixed behaviours; many a times it is unpredictable, it behaves weird.(we call such behaviour weird.. probably we are weird to call it so). There is probability than certainty. Quantum world is so amazing, and as we go deeper into the depths of the reality, the unravelling of the reality is too weird for us to believe, to understand and that is the awesomeness of all of it. The rational humans who ask “why” is not getting all answers immediately. Surely we are trying and that is the journey into the mystery of reality

Along with the awe at that tiny universe, the recent developments in neuroscience and psychology make us wonder at the question of human person. What is human person? What is his identity? Neuroscience and other allied branches are trying to answer these and many questions… again a long way to go… (Surely our daily life is enough to see the marvel of human person). We are wondering at the multiverse where we are living. It is expanding at a pace which we can’t imagine. Human imaginations fail to capture the wonder, –leave aside our mathematical equations. For any religious person, awesomeness and glory of God is another mystery (mystery of mysteries), which we can’t fathom…

Many eminent scientists would speak of the need to cultivate that wonder and awe in life; such virtues have given us understanding into the depths of reality. Religions would speak speak of the wonder and awesomeness of God and Humans, the most beautiful mystery. Let us not try to reduce these mysteries into mathematical formulas or try to fit them into our own categories. We look with awe at the mystery of reality in us and around us. The reality of me; the reality of other; the reality of nature; the reality of God. Let’s be open to receive that privileged glimpse into the reality.

A Jesuit interested to think and write; Loves philosophy, spirituality, politics…. Believes in God & well-being of all humans… Open to difference & newness..

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