Business-Politics-Religion Nexus

India is famous for its ancient Culture and many different philosophies. There was great arguments (logical & rational) between the different schools of philosophy. We also had great rulers and kings like Asoka and Akbar. Then we had a great freedom struggle, which had world famous visionary leaders like Gandhi, Ambedkar and Nehru. Today, India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. An eminent political analyst and journalist, P Sainath claims we also have the highest growth rate of inequality (rich are getting super rich, poor remains poor or becomes poorer). We are a country which welcomed many religions and cultures. Today tolerance is not at extremely high levels, still the majority are tolerant.

One of the greatest issues of today is development. After 70 years of independence, we still can’t provide the basic necessities to all. It is really a shameful act. One of the eternal bad boy is corruption. Anti-corruption crusade led by Anna Hazare and later by Arvind Kejriwal had great support from Indians. Later Narendra Modi, through his exceptional rhetoric, captured on that anti-corruption crusader image. When corruption still remains an issue to be settled, I think today’s major problem is the unholy marriage of politics with business and religion.

The high flying corporate sector is very much valued and looked upto. They provide the parties with funds; they are the major donors. Parties and governments reduce taxes and relax regulation rules so that their profits can grow exponentially without looking on environmental concerns or the concerns of the poor. Most of the political parties are in the same boat, some more and some less.

Another interesting development of the recent years is the nexus between religious leaders and politicians. It is not limited to God men or women of one religion. The politicians have direct or indirect tactical understandings with many religious leaders. It would have been great if the development happens because of this. But many a times, this just helps the so-called religious leaders (who are corrupt to the core).

The link between religion and business is also equally dangerous. It is true that religion needs funds to run their organizations. But they shouldn’t become profit making enterprises. Religious organizations do get many charity benefits and when they enter into business, it is a blatant violation of laws.

I don’t blame all corporate sector or all politicians or all religious leaders as corrupt and all. But an attempt of one person to interfere in two of the above sectors is always dangerous for the interests of the society. Let Religion, Politics and Business remain separated. They can and should have relations. But today it is no more relations, but one has merged with the other and this is dangerous. We need to untie the unnecessary bonds to create a new India.

Either be a religious leader or a politician or a business leader. Don’t play in all 3 playgrounds. The experience has been bad till now.

A Jesuit interested to think and write; Loves philosophy, spirituality, politics…. Believes in God & well-being of all humans… Open to difference & newness..