Clenched Hands →Life Enhancing

Today when I was attending the mass, the deacon ended the sermon with an anecdote. While we come to the mass and pray, the posture of our hands is a closed one. But while we go out, it should become an open one to embrace the entire creation. More than dissecting the anecdote, it does speak of journey… from clenched or closed hands to open hands. When more of our activities are able to exhibit this dimension, world would become a little better. Then those activities become sacramental (or actions with a tangible presence of God).

Definitely an authentic prayer should involve something like this. It is not that we become overnight saints after a prayer service, but a little more openness

When we think of confessions (even counselling session or deep sharing), it should be able to exhibit this dimension. This requires a willingness both from the both the parties involved. Thus these activities effectively should be occasions of healing to take place.

A motivating or energizing chit-chat, the information and wisdom I gather through my studies and reflection, our daily routine jobs and works at home or office can become occasions for the same. Many working with youth and children have surely utilized this potential of games and sports.

I think we could attempt to incorporate a little more of this dimension in all our actions to make our actions/work a prayer. Thus they can make reconciliation a reality…. can reduce the distances and increase the number of embraces…. can be life enhancing.

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