Deep Connections — A way to fullness

The quote above is very powerful, probably it is an invitation to do things a little differently. Probably extending that quote to the limit, we have another beautiful saying by Mother Theresa, which is given below.

Everybody seeks connections. It is not connection of hi-bye; it is a connection that is going beyond it, something of a deeper sharing.

We have a beautiful example in the gospel of the last Sunday. It speaks of the transformation of a man(Zacheus) following an encounter with Jesus. He was a man unable to make connections (might had few or many acquaintances); once that happens, life is transformed. In the parable of the prodigal son, we see an old man making/re-establishing the connection with his son.

For some, the art of making connections was much easier, while for some others it took several encounters. When Paul just needed one encounter (at Damascus), Peter needed many more.

One of the strategies adopted by Charismatic groups or movements (even many of the protestant sects too) is that the old comers try to establish connections (in the form of good friendships) when the new comers come to the group. I have personally experienced this when I was active with Jesus Youth before joining the Jesuits. Definitely this is a really beautiful experience.

Deeper, intimate connections are something that people are seeking for. Though I accept that some spiritual gurus or others misuse it, the invitation of Jesus is many a times to help people experience deeper connections. A deeper connection with God and definitely with some human beings. One may lead to the other, and definitely for a Christian, both the dimensions are extremely important.

My favourite Bible verse is Jn 10:10, ¨I came to give life and life in its fullness/abundance.¨ It is not limited to after-life, but the kingdom of God is here and now. Probably the way to the fullness is seen in the life of Jesus. God could have saved humanity in an infinite number of ways, but he opted for a way through incarnation and suffering at the cross. These are the experiences of deepest connection making between God and the humanity (creation).

An evangelizing experience for today is — an invitation to make deeper connections, within family and outside; within my own religion and outside; within the circle of friends and outside.

Deeper connections with the similar and the different — it will transform us and them — I think we will experience that sense of joy and peace — that may be an experience of fullness.

A Jesuit interested to think and write; Loves philosophy, spirituality, politics…. Believes in God & well-being of all humans… Open to difference & newness..

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