Easter is a season

Not just a day

arun simon
2 min readMar 31, 2024

Jesus, the one who was crucified a few days ago is risen. Happy Easter. The gospel reading of the vigil mass is from the gospel of Mark (Mk 16, 1–7), where Mary Magdalene went to the tomb early morning; the stone in front of the tomb was rolled back; There was no dead body inside; a young man was sitting inside. He says, don’t be afraid. The one who has crucified is risen. Go and tell his disciples the news of resurrection, and that all of them will meet Jesus in Galilee.

Now we come to Sunday morning gospel, which is the first account of resurrection from the gospel of John(Jn 20, 1–9). Here Mary saw the stone removed; went rushing to meet his disciples. The two of the disciples came to see this scene. The other disciple reached fast; waited for Peter; Peter entered first, followed the other disciple. The unnamed disciple saw empty tomb and linen clothes wrapped, and believed.

Both gospels speak of resurrection. But till now nobody has seen Jesus. They have heard that Jesus is risen; they have seen signs like stone removed, empty tomb and clothes folded. Yes, secondary evidences. Its good to ask why the church chose these readings and not the ones where Jesus appears to his disciples and talks to them. From Easter Monday, such readings do come. But why? Why a delay?

We prepared 40 days in lent for the Easter. Should it come like one day and go? No. The resurrection is not so simple; without resurrection, there is no Christianity. Yes, it’s not a simple mystery. Easter is a mystery where we slowly enter into. Don’t be in a hurry. Be patient. We have the easter season (50 days). Just as we prepared for the passion, can we continue to go deeper on the mystery of Easter.

The one who is crucified is also risen. Entering into the mystery of Easter is also entering into Joy, Love and Peace. Yes, risen Lord continues to console us in our struggles; he reassures us in the midst of our doubts; he grants us peace in the midst of our fears; he loves us in the midst of all hatred I receives from others and myself. Just as he empowered the disciples, he empowers us; make us realise that we are truly sons and daughters of God.

We remain Easter Christians

as we care;

as we love;

as we console.

as we reassure.

as we strengthen/empower

as we forgive.

May it be a true Easter Season, a season to truly become Easter People, spreading the light and love of the risen Lord to all, that seeing the light and love, they may glorify the Lord.



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