This powerful word, "FAKE NEWS" was declared as the word of the year 2017 by the Collins dictionary.

The wikipedia defines it as: Fake news is a type of yellow journalism or propaganda that consists of deliberate misinformation or hoaxes spread via traditional print and broadcast news media or online social media. So it has to be deliberately spread; and spread can take place using any of the newer or older means of communication.

I am just putting down two of the interesting responses suggested against fake news, from different perspectives

I think there is another area of fake news which we normally don’t explore much. They are normally considered true as they are uttered by the people in authority. [Testimony (sabda) is an authentic means of knowledge for many of the Indian schools of philosophy, but today even authorities do lie purposefully].

I think advertising strategies have influenced some of our leaders that they are always in advertising mode. In advertising, it is okay to exaggerate a little for the sake of selling your product. (When Sachin says Boost is the secret of my energy, some may believe it, but most knew that Sachin may not be using the same). But it is interesting to ask, can the same be used by the leaders in making important statements in their capacity as respective authorities. Can the president (or CEO) of a company make advertising sort of statements in the annual report to the board. (they might exaggerate a little to the outsiders, but not to the stake-holders. Atleast they are not supposed to).

During an election campaign, every party releases its manifesto. No party fully satisfies it. But after the election, can they continue to do the same? Can they keep on releasing such election manifestos post elections, or should they announce steps and policies which they will implement. Before elections, they are not completely responsible to the people. After election, people becomes stake-holders. So could the exaggerated, non-implementable policies of the elected representatives be considered fake news?? Is it all the more part of FAKE NEWS when they are given a lot of publicity and propaganda?

I think so…. I think it is worse than the other forms because others are corrected in a short time. These (by leaders) create long-lasting impacts before getting corrected. Sometimes it is not even corrected.

What’s the way out??

A Jesuit interested to think and write; Loves philosophy, spirituality, politics…. Believes in God & well-being of all humans… Open to difference & newness..

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