Few short stories of Love

Better than definitions of love

arun simon
2 min readFeb 24, 2024
  1. There is a dialogue by Mary Magdalene in the book written by Khalil Gibran. She says, when everyone loved me for themselves, Jesus loved me for myself.
  2. An interpretation given by Fr Bobby Jose OFM cap on the 2 step healing of a blind man in the Gospel of Mark (Mark 12) is interesting. After the first step, the man could see partially, but see people like trees. After the second or full healing, he saw people as people. Love is seeing people as people.
  3. An ascetic sage living at the top of the mountain used to come to down to the valleys; he was so particular about his celibacy. When there are village woman carrying waters on the road, he won’t look at them, as he considered that it might disturb his celibacy or prayer or whatever. To him, one of the village woman says, “dear sage, please don’t go the other way, look at our eyes in a way, spreading light, making us realize us that we are women.”
  4. Love is not going too far (indifference) or too close (nagging), but maintaining an appropriate distance which is not too far or too close. We are not separate, but we don’t fuse into one.
  5. Some might have heard the story of an old man who visits his wife in a medical care every morning to feed her. She had lost her memory in its entirety and she remembered nothing. When someone asks, why you visit her everyday, the husband replied. “ she may not remember me, but i know her.”

NB. The first three are taken from a book in Malayalam by Fr Bobby Jose



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