In our classes, one of our professor mentioned about the bond of mother and a child. It is nothing new, most of us knew about it. A mother could sense the cry of the child even if others couldn’t hear it; a certain telepathic form of relationship is seen here. This is an instinct which comes automatically to a girl once he becomes a mother, unless it is explicitly killed due to various reasons.

In today’s situation (great development, great inequality between the rich and poor, a culture of hate), it is important to see what are the instincts of human person. I strongly feel compassion, fraternity, love are certain basic instincts being a human. When a girl becomes a mother, a motherly instinct is developed in the girl. When a child develops into being adult, whether the instincts of hate are developed? Or whether human instincts of love, fraternity are thrown away. Or they murdered on the way to become a human being?

We can be developed or undeveloped; we can be literate or illiterate; we can left or right; But we are human… If we can help/allow the children to grow as adults destroying /replacing /killing these basic human instincts, human society and everything else many hold dear would be just thrown into shatters….

(I know many may not like to include love and others in human instincts, but I didn’t get a better term. By the term, I mean they are something that is really part of being human. There could be many others which I haven’t mentioned). I conclude with a comparison.

If the mother killed the motherly instincts and didn’t take care of the child intentionally (not due to circumstances), would she be called mother??

If love, compassion and fraternity are essential to being human, and if we kill them (not allow them to grow), would we remain human??

A Jesuit interested to think and write; Loves philosophy, spirituality, politics…. Believes in God & well-being of all humans… Open to difference & newness..

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