Incarnation & Christianity

Karl Rahner is the most (if not, one of the most) influential catholic theologians of the 20th century, and one of my favourite quotes from him is the one on the left. It makes sense to reflect a little more on this, especially as we commence the season of Advent.

Another quote, which is really significant for a Christian is one of the left from John Green. You all might have seen variations of this quote.

Now I would like to take an imaginary journey. If Jesus appears today and says, all the humanity will be saved; it would be based on your rightful actions. How many of us will continue to remain Christians?

I think at such contexts the quote from Karl Rahner becomes relevant. A mystic is one, who is deeply in love with God, that he follows God (or the religion) just because he loves God. It is much more than a desire to gain a heaven or fear of hell.

We don’ t have to look far to see the beauty of love for the sake of love. Some common examples can be : A person serving his/her spouse who has lost the memory (or the worst case: gone into a coma) despite knowing that a return is not possible. Yes, all of us have come across people who do love just for the sake of love (a sort of unconditional love).

Advent is the preparation for God who became human because God loves us and to be close with us (Definitely many say, it is for salvation; though I am not satisfied with that answer). Probably advent is an invitation for falling in love with that one who is in love with us. Forget heaven/hell. Once we fell in love with Jesus ( life will have to transform slowly and we probably become more like Jesus), Christianity and Christmas will really have Christ. If more and more Christians can’t become like that, Christianity won’t have any relevance in the coming days.

A Jesuit interested to think and write; Loves philosophy, spirituality, politics…. Believes in God & well-being of all humans… Open to difference & newness..

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