One of the scathing criticism against the present central government came in the report of RBI on demonetization. The world famous economists have claimed earlier that demonetization is a failure. The report is a visible proof to that. There was loss of valuable lives. There were innumerable difficulties. There were blind promises of reducing black money. There was a direct attack especially to the unorganized sectors. Many lost jobs.

We had the Gorakhpur tragedy of children dying to the lack of Oxygen. Still children are dying in the hospital (not due to oxygen) and adequate facilities are not being provided. The chief minister is ready to open newer facilities for cows, but forget the children. Strange…!!

There was flood in Mumbai. After the deadliest flood situation in 2005, Many recommendations were given by Dr Madhavrao Chitale committee. But they are not implemented. The city of Mumbai is known for its spirits when a tragedy struck them and they move ahead as if nothing had happened.

Forgetfulness is a disease and it should be treated immediately for getting the solution to the problems of inequality, injustice and others.

All of us faces challenges in our life’s journey. We have to move on. The way we overcame challenges do teach us something. We shouldn’t just forget and move on. We should learn the lesson and move on..

In the present political situation, we shouldn’t just forget and move on today. An alternative should emerge. Our forgetfulness shouldn’t allow the democracy to be lost.

We shouldn’t allow a group of leaders to dictate the topics of discussions in newspapers, news channels or in our tea stalls. Let the problems of peoples continue to be infront of us. Let us not take pain killers today, We need better solutions.

A Jesuit interested to think and write; Loves philosophy, spirituality, politics…. Believes in God & well-being of all humans… Open to difference & newness..