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Thinking through images

arun simon
2 min readOct 5, 2022

I will write less and try to say the story through images. One of the idealized images of society is

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In many such cases, it may not be so simple. A little more realistic one can be,

Source: I Create Cynical Collages That Tell The Uncomfortable Truth About Our Modern World | Bored Panda

Sometimes such one-person rule may work well, many a times, it’s a disaster for the rest. Taking a clue from there, one another model can be,

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Improving it further, we may get another ideal image, which can be terrifying for some and darling of others.

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Yes, uniqueness and singularity are valued. But can we work together? May be a quote from Martin Luther King helps us,

Source: Helping Hand Painting by Juan Sepulveda | Fine Art America

Or Tolstoy says,

An immediate question can be, have we jumped back into the first image of society with this quote? In one way, its yes… in another way, its no. Each one experiences the pain of the other in a unique and singular way.

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