Is transfiguration limited to one day?

May be the whole life of Jesus

Today is the feast of the transfiguration of the Lord; God who became man in incarnation, who did a kenosis (self-emptying of everything of his divinity) had a rare show of the divine nature. We also have the manifestation of the Holy Trinity in all these scenes. For me, the most important thing is not manifestation, but the words of the father saying “this is my beloved son” — that affirmation of the relation existing within God. As some theologians say, God is communion.

Moving away from high theology, I always wonder why there was this scene of transfiguration? I don't think the gospel gives a clear cut answer. Let's not get into that debate here; but I think of the entire life of Jesus, as a reflection of his Father, a reflection of the relation/communion in the trinity. Though his external appearances were like that of any ordinary human being, he reflected or radiated all the beauties of God in that ordinariness. In some sense, his entire life was a transfiguration.

Each one of us may have some deep, intimate or mystical experiences with God. They are important and helpful; but Jesus’ entire life and transfiguration invites us to see that radiance and beauty even in our ordinary life, not only in those special moments. And definitely to live as Alter-Christus (other Christs — which is also a transfiguration) in all (all is too difficult, atleast many) moments of our life.




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arun simon

arun simon

A Jesuit with all the crazyness… Loves Jesus…Loves church, but loves to challenge too… Loves post modern philosophy & Gilles Deleuze.. Loves deep conversations…