I wish you all a Happy New Year, 2018…

Probably I thought, I could start the year with a reflection on the term new year. Surely it is a convention, just based on our arrangement of months. It is not a farming new year or a new year where the creation is renewed (spring season). Different cultures have different dates for new year. So this celebration is part of an arrangement for convenience. Two of the images that could be helpful to reflect on ‘NEW’ are

  1. Water: Water is very important for all the creatures. It is also used for cleaning purposes. So water helps to renew many things, it sustains the life of much of the creation.
  2. Fire: It burns away the unwanted things. It is also a source of energy.

We could discover/attribute some common characteristics for fire and water. They are

  1. Source of Energy
  2. Cleans/Burns things
  3. Sustains Life (If there is no fire, plantations may have only one type of trees; it paves the way for new life too after harvest).

I feel ‘NEW’ in the NEW YEAR could draw inspiration from these 3 characteristics.

  1. We need to find new sources of energy or renew the old sources of energy. This is applicable for all sources — be it mechanical, physical, mental or spiritual. Solar and other forms of renewable energy should be encouraged so that sustainable development reaches all. Even in the level of spirituality, some of the older, outdated forms of piety should be thrown away and existing forms should be renewed so that it is more acceptable to the new generations, and it remains as a strength for them.
  2. We need to burn away/clean various forms of oppression and differentiation. This is equally applicable to politics, culture and religion. The illegal nexus between religion and business, religion and politics, politics and business, culture and politics should be destroyed. False Messiahs should be discovered and shown the way out of power and popularity.
  3. We need to sustain life in the arid areas. More initiatives and works should be done for the sake of refugees and displaces; lower rungs of the society should be given better opportunities. Honest and efficient leaders should bring life to the dead areas of politics, culture, language, religion and spirituality.

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