Prophet or Enemy : Wisdom to Know.

Some of the recent incidents (political & apolitical) is making this write this piece.

Some great people come with a beautiful charism/idea.They inspire the people to follow them/their charism. As a normal sociological requirement, the charism becomes an institution so that the charism prevails. Some of the institutions prevail for longer time, some for shorter time. Some of the famous examples are religions, cultural and social groups. Even different nations could be institutionalization of the charisms. We could imagine Indian constitution as the institutionalization of the dreams and aspirations of Indian freedom movement. These rules of institutions (called manifesto/ constitution) do undergo changes as the time progresses. Though change can be rebelled, some amount of change do happen invariably in any institution.

I would like to speak about two groups of people connected to any such institution. They are the enemies of that group and the dissenting prophetic voices within the group. When enemies are against the group, dissenting voices are against certain practices/rules of the group. When enemies love destruction of the group, dissenters look towards transformation.

In some cases, the differentiation is extremely clear and we can predict easily. In many other cases, the line of separation is blurred that it creates confusion. And in a few cases, dissenting prophetic voices are labelled as enemies. In the last mentioned cases, they would be labelled as anti-institution [I could substitute the name of my institution and I will get the corresponding tags].

Labelling the prophetic dissenters was not started in the 20th century [I don’t know when it started]. Even in today’s world of information overflow and consciousness of human rights, we continue this practice of labelling without any prick of conscience to maintain the status-quo or to aggressively follow the agenda of those in authority.

I end with that famous quote of Heidegger (& one of my favourite);

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