Returning to the Eucharist

Understanding the fruit and ethical responsibility of the Eucharist … “Kingdom Building”.

  • When I was studying in Pune, there was a Hindi mass organised by the Jesuits for the tribals from Chotanagpur region. The most wonderful celebration is the mass on the Christmas eve. After the elaborate festive mass, there is a great tribal dance for hours (Brothers struggle to stop it). But this is one of the beautiful expressions of community building and the growth of the kingdom of God. Their communities are not exclusive, and all the others (even non-tribal brothers) are welcomed to dance with them. Those dances were a beautiful expression of building the local expressions of the kingdom of God.
  • Occasionally I had opportunities to attend the early morning mass in some of the Christian hospitals. When you see the work of hospital staffs (which include a majority of nurses) throughout the day, that community building dimension of eucharist is very much evident.
  • The “sharing a sign of Peace” in the mass (every mass) can be one of the most human, symbolic and simple expression of the growth of the Kingdom. It is sharing the peace of Christ to everyone around me, which technically doesn’t exclude anyone.



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arun simon

A Jesuit with all the crazyness… Loves Jesus…Loves church, but loves to challenge too… Loves post modern philosophy & Gilles Deleuze.. Loves deep conversations…