School days of those times

Translation from Malayalam

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In the olden days, if I get a beating from the teacher, I shake my hand, wipe on my trouser and take the next one. I am very particular of cleanliness.

All my teachers did the teaching in a standing position… Why?? Because of their respect to me and my friends…

In those days, teachers were afraid to say anything to me. So they asked me regularly to bring my father. That was a time.

Teachers love to read what I wrote. Occasionally, I have written answers 100 times or more for that love.

How many times I was asked to stand next to the teacher in recognition of my superior abilities in studies?

How many times teacher has thrown and given me (without even asking me) the same writing chalk out of pure love for me?

To ensure security of some teachers, how many times have I stood at door as guard?

After each exam, I used to write, atleast 5 times, the answers to show the teachers.

Since i know everything, teachers have asked many a times, “why are you coming to school, can’t you go and do some work.”

Yes that was a time….

(Translated from Malayalam; I don’t know who is the original author. I do know some nuances may be lost, still hopefully you enjoyed it)

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