Thank you for the post... But I am not satisfied with the response... I at least see 3 messages from any case like this

1. It is definitely a message to the church that your witness-value is missing. It is worthwhile to remember that many of the earlier disciples left because his teaching were difficult to follow. None, because of the faulty witness.

2. The study of Bible (he may have father and father-in-law as pastors, but whether he had a good study of Bible especially to discuss the so-called anomalies. This is not the pious study, but a study along with the scholars.)

3. Our apologetic-styles are not appropriate. We have to re-invigorate it.

I think your article spoke of third point, stressed a little on second one and didn't discuss much of the first point.

And finally I agree with that proposition that we forget that God is a mystery even with all our studies and understanding

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