The graph of love is skewed

Few images of skewness

arun simon
2 min readFeb 29, 2024
  1. The prodigal father had love towards the son who was lost, which was very much unlike the calculated relationship of his brother. (Lk 15)
  2. The love of the good Samaritan was totally asymmetrically pointed towards the wounded person unlike the precisely calculated option (going the other way) of the priest and the Levite.
  3. A loving action from one person to his friend may not be appreciated much by the friend; a simple normal action from one is much gratefully remembered as special by the friend.
  4. John and Joanna fell in love; each one is married with their respective spouses and are in love with their spouses too. So Joana & John decide that the best expression of this new love is friendship (when they both believe that sex is the most beautiful expression of love).
  5. The most ugly boy of the society fell in love with the beauty queen, and Mr society fell for the most un charming lady.
  6. The thief on the right side of Jesus entered the heaven (paradise) so easily, when some of the pious and holy people couldn’t even see the gates of heaven after their life long pursuits.

The graph of love is skewed. (a quote said casually by a friend called Rachel)



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