Two insights from the gospel of today

The gospel of the day is one of the most well known parables. Two of my reflections on the parable of prodigal son goes like this.

  1. The younger son is using the name 'father' (like daddy, papa or as u wish) to call the father. He uses it twice, whereas the elder one never uses it, atleast in the parable. The quantity of the time spent needn’t necessarily lead to a relationship. It is good to see our intensity of relationship, with God and others. Is it like older or younger brother?
  2. Father tries to explain to the older brother towards the end of the parable in these lines, “But now we must celebrate and rejoice,
    because your brother was dead and has come to life again;
    he was lost and has been found.” I was thinking this more as an invitation to the elder son (who is dead to find life, who is lost to find life). Yes, this is an invitation to the pharisaic attitudes within each one of us to really find life.

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