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Some of the articles on Bible are added here. I will try to update the older ones soon.

  1. Jesus encounter with Zacch
  2. Jesus & the Canonite woman
  3. God in the Ordinary
  4. Gift, Foundation & Neighbour
  5. Wise & Foolish
  6. Living out “Our Father”
  7. Speaking in parables
  8. Mother, brother & sister
  9. Martha & Mary
  10. Ascension of Jesus
  11. Reflections from the double-portion — A demand of Elijah
  12. Prodigal Son/Father
  13. Faith of the Simple Father
  14. Parable of Talents — Parable of Relationships too??
  15. The Grateful One — Two questions from this event
  16. Widow’s mite
  17. Wine and the wineskins — Duty of a theologian
  18. The Call vs the One who Calls
  19. Dynamics of power to dynamics of love — Journey of Peter’s Profession of faith.
  20. Let the dead bury their dead
  21. Two sons…and their stories..
  22. Sabbath in the ten commandments
  23. Shepherding God — Psalm 23
  24. Where do I come from? Where I go to?
  25. An exercise — the essentials of the Bible
  26. Faith… seen outside the frontier
  27. Two beginnings in the Bible
  28. Story of Abraham’s sacrifice
  29. Looking beyond the most evident (elder son)
  30. Singing in Joy for the happiness of others (Mary-Elizabeth as a better model than Abel-Cain)
  31. The lost-parables of Bible
  32. Miracles in the Bible
  33. Giving Instead of Misery
  34. Parable of Talents: A Contemporary Version
  35. Shame and Honor: Contemporary Lessons from the marriage of Hosea
  36. Things I can’t transfer or Share
  37. Two-step Healing in the Gospel of Mark
  38. Widow’s Mite in the Gospel of Mark
  39. I thirst
  40. Doubting Thomas
  41. The Good Samaritan and the Robber
  42. Jesus said: “Love Your Enemies”…
  43. Can you be Mark-like today? (feast of Cana)
  44. Faith and Mustard Seed
  45. Peter and Pentecost
  46. How Gender Inclusive is the Gospel of Mathew
  47. Leaven and the Shepherd
  48. Peter of Mark’s Gospel: A model for Christian Living
  49. Peter — An interesting picture in Mark based on two passages
  50. Parable of Talents — Invitation to be shepherds and to live life
  51. Rationality of Mercy
  52. Salvation and Love (3 parables)

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